Risks and issues


Gras Savoye, a leading broker, will know how to provide you with a made to measure solution, perfectly tailored for the specific needs of pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Your activity exposes you to numerous threats. You do have to face expensive R & D costs, numerous risks during products testing and manufacturing. Law or regulation, full market approvals can change very quickly and address regulatory issues.

Your main risks would be:

-          damage to your image following an accident or a product contamination (accidental or criminal);

-          company name involved in biomedical research claim, counterfeit, unlawful sale;

-          market or investment loss, following research, development, marketing of an active ingredient or a drug that is finally not fully approved or which approval has been retired;

-          loss of value of an asset consecutive to intellectual property breach;

-          change of law or regulation environment, end of health insurance reimbursements;

-     lack of raw material or component.


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