Risks and issues


Radio/TV/cable broadcasters; publishing (newspapers, magazines, books) and advertising agencies...

As part of the media industry your company has to face the challenges of the digital revolution, new regulations, the extreme volatility of the data exchanges etc. As a leader, Gras Savoye knows how to provide you with the perfect solution.

Human resources are one of your major assets; the departure of one key person can have huge consequences on your activity or image.

The rules of your industry, but also the very nature of publishing, make you address some risks linked to regulations, international & national laws, intellectual property, business ethics or libel action. You do need to protect your brand, your image from crises but also from public opinion changes or piracy operations.

Free newspapers and the digital medias have affected your profile as they have had big influences on your paper reading audience, and your advertising income.

The printing parts of your activity, the transportation of your printed goods require that you face threats such as disruption or delays on your sales (technical problems, strikes, digital sales issues…).

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