A market-leading network of regional offices in France
and the French overseas territories

Excellent coverage of the French territory

 Proximity with customers is achieved through a strong local presence, with around 30 offices in metropolitan France and 5 offices or subsidiaries overseas

Gras Savoye provides its regional subsidiaries with a broad autonomy in terms of day-to-day customer relationship, business development strategy and partnerships with insurance companies provided it follows Group rules and strategy. Each regional subsidiary has its own management platform (contract drafting, claim management, etc…).

Regional subsidiaries provide their customers with the whole range of insurance products and services (Property and Casualty, employee benefits, motor vehicle insurance, etc…) along standards defined by the Group, and with Group tools.

Some of these subsidiaries were acquired by Gras Savoye from their founders, who generally remain on as minority shareholders, with the option for Gras Savoye to progressively become the sole shareholder.

A beachhead in overseas territories

Gras Savoye has a presence in the 5 major French overseas territories and benefits from a strong local market share.

A strong international presence
with a focus on Europe, Africa and Middle East

  • Thanks to a dynamic international strategy, Gras Savoye has expanded its direct coverage to 50 countries in 2013, offering services and solutions in around 130 countries thanks to its partnership with Willis.

  • The international network is organized by key areas (representing economic units or having strong internal commercial relationships): Europe, Africa, Mediterranean countries, and Indian Ocean & Caribbean Islands.
  • Gras Savoye enjoys strong positions in its foreign locations, generally being amongst the top 3 insurance brokers. For example, Gras Savoye is #1 in Poland and Luxemburg as well as in most French-speaking African countries (Cameroon, Congo, Benin, Mali, Mauritania, etc.).
  • Access to Willis’ network in other areas

    The partnership with Willis enables Gras Savoye to provide its customers with global solutions in regions not covered by GS, i.e. the rest of Europe, Americas and Asia.

Gras Savoye,
a powerful network


Its local and international network is one of the key strengths of Gras Savoye

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