Gras Savoye’s operational know-how
make it a key partner to its customers

Le leadership 


Thanks to its extensive risk management experience, Gras Savoye is able to identify, analyse and prevent specific risks linked to each customers’ activity, profile and culture. As a result, the Company is in a position to advise customers on the best products to meet their requirements and draft customized insurance policies.
Le leadership 


Working with more than 300 insurance companies and taking advantage of its own network as well as Willis’s global network, Gras Savoye benefits from an informed view of the insurance market, in terms of insurance offering and pricing. This global vision of the market allows it to place customers’ risks efficiently and negotiate the best pricing on behalf of its customers.

Gras Savoye, la méthode 

Contract and claim management 

The Company usually manages the wording of contracts and collection of premiums on behalf of the insurers. With dedicated claim management platforms in France and abroad, Gras Savoye is able to handle customer claims quickly and efficiently.

Full involvement in contract and claim management is considered as a key strength as it enables to (i) improve its know-how on products and associated risks and statistics, (ii) anticipate pricing evolution, (iii) offer customers full independence on choice of insurance company (relationship remains with GS) and (iv) globally secure customer relationship.